Michael Farina

Michael Farina has extensive global energy industry expertise centered around gas and power markets with consulting expertise across natural gas value chains in North America and around the world. More recently he has been active in gas to power project development in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Prior to his current position, Michael was one GE’s senior analysts on the global fuels market landscape. He was Leader of GE’s Fuels Center of Excellence (COE) and part of GE’s Corporate Strategy and Analytics team. His work helped senior leadership understand how fuels markets  impact GE’s long-term business strategy and technology investments.   Michael has been in the energy industry for almost two decades, primarily focusing on natural gas and power markets economics, technology, and policy. Prior to joining GE, he was Director, North America Natural Gas, at Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA).  Mr. Farina holds a BA degree in Economics from Colorado State University and a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Colorado.