In 2015, Energy Africa Conference was pleased to participate in SAIREC 2015, a global platform for government ministers, high-level decision makers, experts, specialists and thought leaders, as well as private sector players and civil society, to discuss and exchange their vision, experiences and solutions to accelerate the global scale-up of renewable energy. Hosted by the South African Department of Energy together with the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI), SAIREC seeks to demonstrate why Africa is the business destination for the renewables energy sector given its current growth trajectory and need for investment in clean energy to underpin sustainable economic growth. Through its representation at SAIREC, the Energy Africa Conference aimed to efficiently and effectively advance US-Africa Energy Cooperation with the help of luminaries like Craig Morkel, a former communications practitioner and former Member of Parliament in the Republic of South Africa (National Assembly, 1999-2009), Fred Julander of Julander Energy, David Posner of EnVent Energy and Jason Nagy. Click here to read the bios of speakers that participated in the Energy Africa session at SAIREC.