Topics and New Speakers Announced

The Energy Africa Conference to be held at Colorado School of Mines from November 13-14, 2014, is a collaborative effort among universities, research organizations, businesses and individuals to bring together business executives and thought leaders from across the globe to dialog, collaborate, encourage and support the work needed to stimulate domestic markets for gaseous and renewable energy sources.

It is a venue for fostering and inspiring local and international entrepreneurs to initiate and support sustainable power systems and increase economic growth and prosperity.

It is anticipated that as more effort into energy research continues, better and cheaper ways of generating energy will be developed to leap-frog the current fossil-fuel based infrastructures which have adversely affected the environment.

Topics to be discussed include:

  1. Energy Africa; changing landscapes- updates on resources and progress including REN 21 Global Status Report and Oil and Gas Developments
  2. New models for energy resource development; leveraging Africa’s world scale gas supplies and LNG export projects to improve domestic economies and access to fuel and electricity
  3. Africa as a growing supplier in the world LNG market; implications for European energy needs and global politics
  4. China’s role in the development of African energy projects
  5. Providing the local skills and expertise for development and implementation of energy projects; centers for excellence in within African universities, government and institutions; engaging the Diaspora
  6. Building out the urban industrial electric utility grid; examples of public and private partnerships (Zambia, Ghana and other examples)
  7. Hydro power large and micro scale and its role in providing clean energy supplies for Africa
  8. New developments in renewable and distributed energy systems to service off grid and rural markets including the role of micro grids and smart grids
  9. Socio economic challenges and policy approaches to expanding energy access and economic development in Africa
  10. Meeting Africa’s energy needs in the context of climate change; Power Africa, UN Energy for All, South Africa International Renewable Energy Conference 2015, US- Africa Energy Policy, and other initiatives

Confirmed speakers so far include:

  • H.E. Palan Mulonda – Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States
  • H.E. Stephen D. Matenje – Malawi’s Ambassador to the United States
  • Mark Richard Dagel – Chairman and President of LINK Global Group
  • Mutiu Sunmonu – Country Chair – Shell Companies in Nigeria, Managing Director – Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited-Nigeria, and Vice President Production – Sub Sahara Africa.
  • Philip Mshelbila – General Manager External Relations and Communications of Shell Companies in Nigeria
  • Andrew Yager – Senior Advisor, Renewable Energy Advisory Services for NORPLAN-NORWAY
  • Chuck Blakeman – CEO of Crankset Group and Author of many books.

For questions, please contact Dr. Luka Powanga at, or call (+1 303) 458-4023.

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