Mark Richard Dagel

Mark Richard Dagel, the Co-Chairman and President of LINK Global Group is a veteran structured finance professional with a wealth of international private sector experience with a strong interest in waste to energy, wind, and other alternate power strategies. With its enormous resources and professional set up, Mark has been able to expand the Group’s  interests in real estate, energy and commodities trading, power generation, construction and oil and gas. LINK is currently building power plants throughout Brazil. LINK also represents, as the investment bank, several pharmaceutical companies in which it has in excess of $100 million USD in capital. LINK acts as both financier as well as lead operator for most LINK projects by providing both the debt and equity to the transactions that it chooses to participate in. Since 1996, Mark has been a Senior Managing Director at Capital Mortgage, Incorporated where he helped run a 37 year old asset based lending company located in Atlanta, Georgia, which closed in an average year in excess of $350 million in commercial real estate first mortgages. From 2008-2012 he was Managing Director of Synergy Capital and Redevelopment Company, LLC, which was set up to act as the principal in adaptive reuse of older facilities throughout the USA. The company developed a turn-key concept that can take a distressed vacant building and turn it into performing assets. It has now merged its operations within the LINK Group of companies. His career highlights include being the principle in over one hundred real estate development and construction projects in which he has financed directly or indirectly in excess of $3 billion USD. In addition, he has donated tens of millions of dollars in products, services, expertise and capital to charity. In particular he played a major role in the construction of a 176 unit apartment complex in Canton Georgia that acts as the only battered women and children shelter of its kind. Other charitable activities include having designed and built a ranch for children of special needs; having donated tractor trailers full of books and computers to a local library system; having donated capital, food and trailers full of Christmas toys for impoverished children; and having built several churches.