Dr. Luka Powanga

Dr. Luka Powanga is a professor in the School of Management at Regis University and the Executive Director of the Global Commerce Forum which hosts the Energy Africa Conference.  He is also the Managing Editor of the Journal of Global Commerce Research and the Journal of Current Research in Global Business. He is currently the US correspondent for CargoNews Asia a trade magazine based in Hong Kong.

He holds a BSC degree in Metallurgy and Mineral Processing, Masters and PhD degrees in Mineral Economics from Colorado School of Mines with a minor in Finance from the Graduate School at Denver University. He also holds a Masters degree in Computer Information Technology and Graduate Level Certificate in Object Oriented Programming from Regis University. He specializes in international business, economic analyses and consults in mining and international business management.

He worked in the mining and telecommunications industry at middle and senior management level within and outside the United States. He taught at Colorado School of Mines before transitioning to Regis University.

He has written a case study on the privatization of the Zambian copper mining industry and a textbook in economics published by McGraw-Hill. Dr. Powanga also works with entrepreneurs and students to help them find the required resources.