Anita Joglekar

Anita Joglekar is the President and CEO of Rainmakers Worldwide Inc. a company she founded to provide green technology solutions for the most urgent needs of humanity; energy, water, food and waste disposal.  These technologies provide 100% recovery, treatment and recycling of water,  abundant renewable energy, high yield organic cultivation of food and safe and emissions free conversion of all waste into green electricity to create sustainable and resilient infrastructure. They create solutions that are economically viable, environmental sound and fully sustainable. Singly or integrated together they create massive positive impact on people, our planet and on profits all at once leading to full sustainability, resiliency, climate change adaptation and public health benefits.

Anita brings to Rainmakers and its technology partners 30 plus years of serial entrepreneurship, technology development and commercialization knowhow, as well as access to funding and markets.  Anita, a visionary entrepreneur holds an MBA and has founded and run successful for profit as well as nonprofit ventures. She brings a diverse skillset of business acumen combined with business training, leadership, marketing, public speaking and people skills. Through her many projects worldwide Anita is well connected in the international government and business world.