Energy Africa Poster Presentation Committee


Zira John

John Zira
Founder and Coordinator
Africa Energy and Development Initiative

As the founder and program coordinator of the African Energy and Development Initiative (AFEDI), Zira facilitates engagement among students, policy makers, industry professionals and investors to promote energy provision towards sustainable development in Africa. Through his experience in Nigeria, Zira developed a keen interest in the intersection between state institutions, private sectors and societies.

With a firsthand understanding of developmental dynamics, Zira has worked on natural resource management and community development projects in Nigeria, Suriname and the United States. He holds a Master’s Degree in International Political Economy of Resources with academic minors in Mineral and Energy Economics and Engineering and Technology Management from the Colorado School of Mines. Zira’s main research interests are in the areas of energy studies, resource development, public policy, community investment and international development.


Lois Kamga-Ngameni

Lois Kamga-Ngameni
Co-Founder and President
Africa Energy and Development Initiative

Kamga Ngameni is a co-founder and president of the African Energy and Development Initiative (AFEDI), an organization that engages students of African origin and Americans for a better understanding of each other’s culture for a smooth and shorter transition by African students into Colorado School of Mines.

Kamga, who hails from Cameroon, has interest and passion to help and connect people with one another. Currently, Kamga is pursuing a Master of Petroleum Engineering degree at Colorado School of Mines.  He intends to earn a Ph.D in Petroleum Engineering at the same university once he is done with his current program. On completion of his studies, he plans to return to Africa to help build the region’s capacity in oil and gas development to meet the energy/power distribution needs on the Continent.  His main areas of interest include hydraulic fracturing, power generation, and petroleum economics.